"I didn't begin to prioritize self-care until I saw how precisely my daughter admired and mimicked my every move. I realized that self- neglect wasn't the legacy I wanted  to pass down to her." - fleurdelisspeaks 

This quote resonated with me deeply. I started noticing my daughter closely observing my actions as well as the way I responded to others in the beginning of this summer. She also began to mimic my mannerisms, which really got my attention. Because of this, I now find myself purposely watching what I say and do around her, in addition to my other two children. I want to pass down positive ways to cope with my children because though life can be challenging at times, how you react plays a major factor in how quickly these challenges are resolved. So remember to be mindful of how you conduct yourself on a day to day basis because our children are watching.

What are your thoughts?

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