Positive self-talk is an effective coping strategy that helps block negative thoughts. Negative thoughts are a natural response to experiencing hardships and challenges, especially when they are continuous. We remember troubling things from our past, as far back as when we were children, that can result in unhealthy thinking patterns. Certain events or situations may also trigger this type of thinking. Negative messages may reappear in your mind which can cause an internal dialogue; framing your reactions to life and its circumstances. When coping strategies are not used, negative thinking can become a habit or a part of your daily routine, that can affect your mind and body. There are many effects such as: sleep problems, anxiety, depression, stress, social withdrawals, overeating and undereating.

The conversations we have with ourselves can be detrimental or advantageous, which is why positive self-talk is powerful. Depending on how you think, it can empower or defeat you. Some benefits of positive self-talk are building confidence, giving a more optimistic outlook on life, curbs negative emotions, improves attitude, helps cope with stress, encourages motivation and strengthens will power.

Examples of positive self-talk

Negative self talk- It's too complicated

Positive self-talk- I'll tackle it from another angle

Negative self-talk- I'm not going to get any better at this

Positive self-talk- I’ll give it another try

Positive Self- Talk Statements

Self Confidence:

I know with time and effort I can accomplish anything

I can accomplish any task set out before me

Overcoming Fear and Doubt:

Everything will be okay

I am smart, confident and capable

Stress Free:

Everything will workout

I am always cool, calm and understanding


I can do this

I am doing great.


I can accomplish this task

Positive self-talk will take time. Remember you are rewiring your brain to think positive when it is used to thinking negative . You are training your brain to do something new or do more consistently; you want to make this a habit. To help in this process, write positive self talk statements on sticky notes. You can place these notes in various places in your home to serve as a reminder. If you have ever watched the show “Being Mary Jane", that was one of her coping strategies. Daily affirmations are also a great tool to use. Remember, you can’t live a positive life with a negative mindset.

"How Do You Cope?"

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